About the Hosts


Name: Emily
Tasting Notes: Stubborn, Watched too many reruns of old TV shows as a kid, Able to make a pun about anything, Loves a good saxophone solo.

Name: James
Tasting Notes: Cynical, Correctly uses SAT words in general conversation, Able to finish a bottle of wine in a single sitting, Loves when the Mets win.

Can't get enough of James? Catch him with Emily's husband, Mark, on Unskippable, the podcast where they review one new album being released that week and make the other listen to one of their old favorites, which they can't skip, love it or hate it.

Our Tribe

Name: Kitty
Tasting Notes: Sarcastic, Can point out random makes and models of cars mid-conversation, Able to laugh loudly enough to be picked up on the podcast recording, Loves Volkswagens.

Name: Mark
Tasting Notes: Persnickety, Knows bands before it's cool to know them before they're cool, Able to make homemade pizza better than any delivery place around, Loves vidja games.

Name: Little Man
Tasting Notes: Little (but not really), Can hear cat treats being opened from many rooms away, Able to plop and fall asleep in any location, Loves attention.

Podcast Cover Art by Adam from EHAP - Everyone Has A Podcast