1: Cheers to Wine & Cheese!

Little Man plops while we record, staring longingly at our spread of wine, cheese, apples, grapes and almonds, while James holds up his BIG bottle of Robert Mondavi 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Welcome to our first podcast! We kick off our adventure into the fancy and elite with two of our favorite things: wine and cheese!

Our wine for this episode: Robert Mondavi 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon (BIG Bottle!)
Our cheese for this episode: New York Aged White Cheddar

Wine and cheese, being a major component to our podcast, took center stage in this episode. We discussed how the pairing came to be, the science behind pairing wine and cheese, how to pair wine and cheese together, wine and cheese party etiquette, and we tipped our hats to the man who broke into Buckingham Palace and enjoyed wine and cheese with the queen (kinda, sorta).

Here are some of the resources used for this episode:

Understanding Wine by Alvaro C. Jimenez








What didn't make it into the show, but we love anyway:

Seagull wine and other weird alcoholic beverages

YouTube Clip from the movie "Kelly's Heroes"
"Drinkin' some wine, eatin' some cheese, you know ..."