9: Cheers to Ladies' Night

Kitty and Emily invite Little Man to celebrate Ladies' Night with them. He is, of course, pleased. We set out the wine and cheese for the occassion -- boxed wine and Target cheese, nothing but the best! And we had some fun with the mouse and cheese.
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This week, James is off doing James-Things, whatever that is. Kitty stepped up and is co-hosting with Emily on this very special episode dedicated to Ladies' Night.

Our wine for this episode: Gato Negro 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Chile (Boxed Wine!)
Our cheese for this episode: Somerdale Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

We discuss the health benefits of having ladies' nights and friends, despite the fact we're both proud introverts. We also go into a rendition of "The Golden Girls" theme song, and talk about how great the show is, sprinkling some fun facts about this ageless sitcom. And, we learn about Adam's (as in Adam and Eve) first wife, Lilith, who was quite the sassy broad! 

No episode is complete without a mention of the Queen! Plus, Kitty gives us the TOE-tal measurement of the Statue of Liberty's shoe, which we're sure she lies about anyway. We get into why Ladies' Night In is infinitely better than Ladies' Night Out. And, as women do when people are out of the room, we talk about James behind his back! And why you should NEVER share a Coke with James!

And, we give a shout-out to Joanna Wilson Phillips (come on, can that last name be any cooler?!) from MenucationKitchen.com, who left us a 5-star review on iTunes, and whom we talk with on Periscope and Twitter! Her website is full of amazing recipes, plus she lives in Vermont, so you know she's awesome!