11: Cheers to Chocolate

We prepare our wine and cheese for our episode all about chocolate. And what chocolate episode would be complete without chocolate -- both milk and dark. James shows his affection for Little Man.

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Chocolate. Oh, do we need to write anything else? Well, what else do we need to say about how great chocolate is?

Our wine for this episode: Sangre de Toro 2013 Garnacha
Our cheese for this episode:: Tomato and Basil Cheddar

This episode was a special request from @QuizWitz on Twitter, who also sent us a great quiz all about chocolate! Check it out!

In this episode, we learn about how chocolate is made; how sex sells chocolate; some of the drug-like chemicals found in chocolate; health benefits of chocolate; James' segment called, "Bitches Love Chocolate ... Or Do They?"; strange things dipped in chocolate; and the evil Hershey's corporation.


But, don't let that get you down; we have plenty of tangents for you to enjoy. You get to hear Emily's sad attempt at Spanish when pronouncing the wine; James' addictions to sex, pizza, beer, wine and chocolate; how women are great at hunting rabbits ... chocolate rabbits; Emily's brilliant marketing idea of putting Midol next to chocolate in the drug store; the special time in a man's life when he finds porn in the woods; the correct pronunciation of "balk," plus Emily's love of Fairuza Balk; why dipping Wendy's fries in a Wendy's Frosty is a rite of passage everyone must go through; and the many benefits of butt wipes.

If that doesn't intrigue you (how could it not?), we also talk about this video of children trying dark chocolate for the first time.

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