30: Cheers to the Sun | Eclipses, Myths & Legends, The Woman Who Owns the Sun

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Excited about the total solar eclipse this week? We are. In fact, we're turning this #WineWednesday into SUN-day, if you get our drift. This episode is all about that big ball of gas we know and love: The Sun!

This episode's wine: La Maialina 2014 Chianti, Italy
This episode's cheese: Port Wine Cheddar

The sun isn't just for putting inspirational quotes over in Instagram photos. We talk about eclipses to celebrate the total solar eclipse on the other side of the world as this episode is coming out.

Find out how eclipses work (and thanks to Emily's teacher-friend Lenny for helping her find out the explanation in 8-year-old terms), and James tells us myths and legends from the past surrounding eclipses.

We're on the look-out for a professional frog imitator to show James to how properly croak like a frog.

Any cheese that comes in log form has to be classy, right?

Any cheese that comes in log form has to be classy, right?

Learn about the woman who owns the sun, and a potential money-making scheme to sue her for sunburns! Emily tries to correct James to be politically correct, but then she finds out she wasn't as right as she thought she was. James gives us some fun sun facts and tells us why we can't go to the sun -- not even if it's winter or nighttime.

 Make sure you stick around to find out the best way to see a solar eclipse. Despite what James says, we do NOT advise you to look directly at it!

And, you won't want to miss Emily's music quiz all about songs with "Sun" in the titles, as read by a (sub-par) Queen Elizabeth robot-impersonator. Thanks to Good Job, Brain! for the idea -- they have EL.V.I.S., but we have "Queen Elizabeth."

Want to watch the video James talks about with Allison from "Intervention" who puts a whole new spin on "Walkin' on Sunshine"? Here you go.

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