45: Cheers to Ice Cream | History of Frozen Desserts, Carvel Secrets, Pun Quiz

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It's summer, and we don't know about you, but we feel there's nothing like a nice, cold ice cream on a hot summer day! We raise our glasses (and spoons) to this amazing treat. We even had to pause recording to eat the decadent delicacy!

This episode's wine: Fleur de Nina Brut Rose
This episode's cheese: Double Cream Brie
This episode's ice cream: Graeter's Cheese Crown Ice Cream

Think you know the history of ice cream? Think again! James and Emily even find out conflicting information about who invented ice cream!

Emily tells James about Turkish ice cream and the street vendors who make a show out of selling it. Watch the video!

James talks about the history of frozen desserts and how ice cream became increasingly popular.

We actually had to stop recording so listeners would be spared our excessive "nom nom" sounds!

We actually had to stop recording so listeners would be spared our excessive "nom nom" sounds!

And, if you've ever wanted to know the history and the secrets of Carvel, look no further. Emily shares details about her five year working as an ice cream server, including how those delicious Crunchies are made.

And, if you want to get the most cookie dough-to-ice cream ratio, James tells us how Ben & Jerry's has the most cookie dough.

And, speaking of Ben & Jerry's, Emily quizzes James on Ben & Jerry's flavors. Can you figure out which ones are actual flavors and which ones are just fun puns?

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